As a painter I never really gave filmmaking a thought as a form of artistic expression until I saw Lars von Trier’s masterpiece "Breaking the waves". I immediately asked a friend who I new had an S-VHS camera if I could use it and started filming everything to try and capture that kind of true emotion.

The influence of the emerging Danish Dogme95 movement resonated strongly with my philosophy and approach towards films. Apart from writing short stories, I focused a lot of energy into making my very own low-end equipment. My love for the hand-held style of filming resulted in the birth of the ZX 2000e.

A camera rig made from my grandmother’s old Zimmer-frame, my fathers tie and my girlfriend’s dumbbell. This allowed for gentler, steadier pans and smooth gliding movements. It is based on the principal of a counter balance like used in a stead-cam. I am currently modifying the ZX 2000e to handle more robust and heavier cameras.

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